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North Peninsula Mandarin School 北半島中文學校

Drop/Change/Refund Request 加退選/退費申請

To request a drop/change from a class, please submit this form (registration fee and book fee are not refundable). Please see the refund policy.
請於線上填寫加退選/轉換/退費申請表格, (書本費 $35 和註冊費 $50 恕不退費), 請查看相關退費規定.

  • To change the class assignment, skip or retake a grade level, you must have the Dean's approval. Please contact the school office.
    換班, 跳級, 重讀申請必須經由教務主任核准, 請連絡學校辦公室
  • To enroll a new student, please download the New Student Form and the Emergency Contact Form and submit to the office.
    新生註冊, 請下載新生註冊單和緊急聯絡單, 填寫後交回辦公室

Please select one of the followings:
Completely withdraw from the school. 退出北半島中文學校課程
(You are encouraged to consult with the teacher or Dean prior to submitting withdrawal request so that you may discuss the best possible outcome for your individual circumstances. 如有需要,您可先與老師或教務主任討論有關您的個別情況)
Drop the 4th period class 退選第四堂課.
Add the 4th period class. Please print the confirmation page and submit the page along with the check to the office.
加選第四堂課, 請列印確認頁後連同支票一起繳回辦公室.
Change the 4th period class to a different one. 轉換第四堂課.
Graduated students request refund for the parent service for the previous school year. Please print the confirmation page and submit the service vouchers and the confirmation page to the school office. 畢業生申請上一學年家長服務費退款, 請列印確認頁後連同服務券一起繳回辦公室以核對退款金額.

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You only need to submit one request per family.

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